Friday, 31 March 2017

more about fish

One of the things that anyone would want to be less of is hungry, therefore, I suggest eating fish from a can. Or a tin; in fact, they are the same thing, not many people know that.

I have long enjoyed times eating fish from a tin, or a can, or even in some instances, a sachet. A sachet is very like a tin, except that it is more of an envelope, and it is soft. The important thing is that it comes from the top shelf under the sink, and you get fish from a tin (or can) out of it. 

Dave gives me the fish out of a tin, can or sachet. He also sometimes gives me a piece of fish out of a plastic packet. I eat them all, and I am no longer hungry. I would suggest that anyone who is hungry, take a leaf out of my book. Or, perhaps, a fish piece out of my tin! But please don't, as I would rather eat it myself. 

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