Saturday, 1 April 2017

who would look at monty

One of the main problems with this Monty character is that, while terrifying and needing constant monitoring, he is also a terrible bore. He has nothing to say and he just sits there in my house (with my mice by the way) and does nothing. I think he might have sat in the closed window during the night but when I went to look he just ran back into my house.

Yesterday, I spent much of the day outside but then it got rainy so the lady upstairs let me in and came to look at Monty. It was really annoying considering she could have been looking a little more at me and also, I have a neck problem which means it needs rubbing all the time. But she decided to waste time looking at him. Who would do that?

I had to stay very close to Dave all night in case Monty came to get him. Pretty much a brave act on my part. I hissed once.

Meanwhile, Monty just hangs in my house and does not seem to eat much or use the litter tray either which is a relief. Today we are both in the house together so I think there will be something to report before long.

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